The Islesboro Community Center Mission Statement:

To support and nurture the sustainability of a year-round community on Islesboro by improving health and fitness programs; access to the arts; connection to wireless technology; and educational, recreational, and social interactions for residents of all ages.

Goals by which the Islesboro Community Center intends to fulfill this mission include: renovation of the island’s original centrally-located community hall building; addition of fitness equipment and exercise classes; creation of a heated dedicated space where the island’s children might pursue educational and recreational programs; provision for the performing arts, lectures, films, and social gatherings in a multipurpose room with a stage and flexible seating for up to 150; and collaboration with other island organizations by sharing space and resources year-round.

About Islesboro Community Center, Inc.

In the late 1990s, a group of interested island residents conducted a survey to validate their view that the island needed a year-round facility to serve a variety of community activities. This survey, and subsequent others, revealed enormous support for such a building to house health and fitness programs, youth activities, and the performing arts, along with space for group meetings, social events, private parties, and even a high speed and/or wireless internet site.

In 2001 the Islesboro Community Center, Inc., was founded; it is now a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization for the purposes of establishing a Community Center on Islesboro. We are not a Town funded organization.


The underlying need for a gathering place was clear: A viable community center would energize and enhance the core values of our island community. In addition, this facility would:

  • help attract to the island (and retain) young year-round families who are the strength and future of this island. They comprise the work force for our retail and municipal services and the volunteer network for our ambulance service and fire department.
  • support our older population through the availability of health and fitness activities and social interaction with a population of mixed ages and experiences, particularly in the physically and emotionally challenging months of winter.
  • provide a spacious and supervised area in which our young people can congregate after school, on weekends, and during summer months.
  • offer the diverse segments of the island’s population a place to share common interests: to check e-mail, to read the paper, to plan community events.
  • become the true hub of the community, a centrally-located place for a Message and Announcements Kiosk, for a weekly Farmers’ Stand, and for the old-fashioned good times that kids of all ages enjoy: talent shows, Dances, community theater, concerts, recitals and the like.