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Join us at our annual Sounds of Summer fundraising concert on Friday August 2nd at 6:30 


2024 Stolen Gin

This year we're excited to welcome the NYC-based band Stolen Gin!

"We’re known for our high-energy live act and avid improvisation - we never play songs the same way twice. Our goal is to make every gig feel like a party, and to keep people dancing."

2023 Red Hot Latin Love Toys

The weather was awful but the music was off the chain! Those who braved the rain and wind danced the night away.


2022 Sam Bigelow

In contrast, 2022's Sam Bigelow was a beautiful evening and record turnout. Community Park was covered with picnic blankets, where family and friends gathered for a joyous evening of music, dancing and dinner. 

Sounds Of Summer Raffle 2024

Exciting Experiences! Island Adventures! Summer Bounty! 

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